Turbina WS - 0,15

The WS-0,15 range are the smallest members of the Windside Family. WS-0,15 range is designed for harsh high wind speed areas. They are used e.g. in different measuring and control systems as an electricity producer for small electrical equipment. WS-0,15 range can be found from mountain areas, sea areas, glaciers and at road sides, where they withstand storms, corrosion, ice and sand.

WS-0,15B WS-0,15Bplus
Swept area 0,15 m²
0,15 m²
Star 4,5 A, Delta 9A
Star 4,5 A, Delta 9A
Cut in Wind Speed
3,8 m/s 3,8 m/s
Cut out Wind Speed
Wind Endurance
40 m/s constant
50 m/s constant
Weight 38 kg

40 kg

Technical Data Sheet
Download Data Sheet
Download Data Sheet

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